More Police BS

The injustice never ends with police thugs. In this case, an officer assaulted a college professor, but claimed the exact opposite. Unfortunately for him, there was videotape showing his thuggish beating of an older man who in no way menaced him.

But did the officer get reprimanded? No, of course not. You see, the officer has this strange disease that makes him think people are punching him. I am not making this up.
[The officer's lawyer] convinced the jury that his client suffers from a disability that causes a sensation of pressure if he moves his arm a certain way. According to the attorney, that's what made him feel like he was punched in the chest, and that's the reason he punched back.
"Justice" prevails again.


More Fun in Our Police State

New York City:
Careful what you pick up in the subway _ it could lead to your arrest.

Straphanger Carlos Alayo said he learned that lesson when he picked up what he thought was a derelict wallet laying on a subway platform bench.

He said he intended to find its owner and return it, but as he went to get on the G train, he said he was stopped by police.

The 32-year-old had been ensnared in Operation Lucky Bag, an initiative from the New York City Police Department to lay decoys _ shopping bags, purses, backpacks or wallets _ around the subway system under the watchful gaze of officers who wait to see what passersby will do.

The decoys often contain real credit cards issued under pseudonyms to the police department. Theft of a credit card is grand larceny, a felony that could lead to jail time.
I can guarantee you this, the twisted individual who created this entrapment scheme will see no consequences. Heck, they will probably get a nice plaque calling them a "hero".


RIP Pimp C

Pimp C, one half of the legendary UGK, has died at the age of 33. Its cold outside.


Speed Cameras

A terrible idea. Ehrlich, despite my problems with him, was against these state funded spying machines. They are simply revenue generators for the State, and have little to do with safety.