Thomas F. Schaller Appreciation Post

One of Maryland's best resources, Thomas F. Schaller on why Democrats are wasting their time trying to win the white NASCAR vote.

His point is important, because if you trace all the reasons that the Democrats have been caving on important legislation lately, I am sure it boils down to not wanting to offend "the down-home, blue-collar, white male voter." What Schaller says is nothing new or groundbreaking, but its amazing how many Democrats still refuse to follow his advice.

I am kicking myself right now for not going to UMBC for undergrad, just to have Mr. Schaller as a professor.



Everyone looking for some good TV, check out CSPAN right now. There is a "huge rally" where some guy just called those who want to withdrawal from Iraq "communists". This is the national rally for "Move America Forward". There are less than 500 people at this "national rally".