Trade this Debt for this other Debt

Here's to bright futures.

I own no credit cards, because I know I wouldn't be able to control myself. These companies are predatory little bastards, thats for sure. I love it the most when I get a loan statement from CITI in the mail along with a pre-approved application for a CITI platinum credit card. They could save paper and just send one letter offering to take my subsidized loan with fixed low interest and transfer it to an unsubsidized, high interest loan. Same thing, really.
Many students then must file for bankruptcy, wrecking their credit ratings and jeopardizing their chances of pursuing graduate school and buying houses at reasonable mortgage rates, if at all.
And we all know how delightful Republicans and Corporate Democrats have made the bankruptcy process (if you aren't a rich corporation). And Brian wants to discuss how Republicans are the party of the "working class". Laughable.


The Future of Drug Treatment Hampered by Insurance Costs, Red Tape

Via The Baltimore City Paper. Buprenorphine is often the best hope for Heroin addicts in recovery. It is particularly adept at removing the bulk of the painful withdrawal pangs which drive addicts to use. I personally know addicts who have used this drug and it has changed their lives completely, from addicts to the happy, productive people they once were. Of course, red tape and insurance costs are keeping the drug from those who need it most, poor drug addicts in our nations cities. Universal health care that includes drug recovery would go a long way to solving these problems.


More Kunstler

A voice of reason. He's the second interview after the Brit talking up The Golden Compass.

Ah Yes, The "Ivy League"

Winners... sociopaths, whatever.