It's not that its harassment

It's that you are wrong. (And don't misunderstand, it is still thuggish harassment.)

Update: The reason that you and other conservatives are wrong on the issue of the Frosts is because you are not making realistic judgments regarding their financial situation.

Take the quibble over private schools for example. It's well known among those in the Baltimore area that many of our public schools are not up to par, and that many parents, regardless of financial concerns, do whatever is necessary to get their children a quality education. There is nothing wrong with parents making the best choices for their children.

On to the issue of Mr. Frost's home, which has elicited some strange comments from conservatives. They seem to care more about the square footage of the home, or the fact that a completely different home was sold nearby for a hefty sum. They then go on to argue that Mr. Frost should have sold his home, or borrowed against it to pay his children's outrageous hospital bills. What a wonderful recipe for financial disaster.

They didn't just suggest that he sell his home however, but also that he sell his business, his automobile, and pull his now partially disabled children out of private school. Yes, instead of use a government program, conservatives suggested that Mr. Frost take the steps toward financial disaster. It would be nothing new for a person's medical bills to drive them into poverty, but for conservatives to offer it as a valid and, dare I say, noble act when compared to taking advantage of a widely used government program, is just silly.

You see, the Frosts today are still successful, contributing members of society. I wish Baltimore City had more of them, and if SCHIP helped them avoid financial disaster, then the program is a success. If expanding it will help other families, I support expanding it.

Now, are there problems with the bill? Yeah, the tobacco tax, a declining revenue source, is not a good way to fund this. However, I don't see those arguments from conservatives anymore. All I see is an angry misunderstanding about the reality of living in Baltimore City while raising four children, when in an instant, a car accident changes your lives forever.


"Little Cigars" Are Popular for Some Reason

I cannot, for the life of me, fathom the reason why. I mean, this story has totally rolled me over, and blunted my perceptions. Why, O WHY would young people be buying these little cigars, that can so easily be opened, drained of the tobacco within, and replaced with "higher quality tobacco". Some quality journalism going on here.

Health officials say that Black & Milds are likely inhaled like a cigarette, as opposed to smoked with minimal inhalation like a cigar. They can be smoked, extinguished, then smoked again. And they can be repacked with marijuana or other substances.

Theres the one line of reality in a rather long article.


This must be a joke

Via the Examiner:

Church group opposes slots at racetrack

BALTIMORE - National Security Agency employees could sell intelligence secrets to support gambling habits if slots opened at Laurel Park racetrack, says a church group that opposes legalized gambling.


If anyone at said church group has internet access, I encourage them to go to this website, type the terms "online gambling" in the little box, and hit return.

As a supporter of the legalization of drugs, I cannot in good conscience, sit here and advocate the continued illegality of other vices. However, there are about 1,000,000 other reasons to oppose slots, particularly from a religious perspective, that this group could have centered upon. But hey, national security is so hot right now.