Update on my Life

As readers of this site (and Freestatepolitics) may have noticed, I have been almost completely absent from the internet lately. The reason for my extended absence is that I have recently gotten a new job with Progressive Maryland as a field canvasser. The schedule is what has kept me from blogging, as the work is in the evenings, and my mornings are filled with two things, catching up on sleep and engaging in some sort of leisure activity for at least a moment. As a result of this schedule, my blogging will be infrequent (as always).

Currently, at Progressive Maryland we are campaigning for publicly financed elections. SB 593 is currently being held up in committee, and we are collecting signatures and donations of support for PM, so we can continue putting pressure on the wary legislators.

Well, thats all for now. I will continue to blog sporadically when the urge strikes me, but at this point, I want to focus on my new job, one that is finally in politics.