Does Michael Steele support the Racist Death Penalty in Maryland?

In 2003, the University of Maryland released a study that found the death row in Maryland is one of the most racist in the nation. For example:

Maryland's death Row is one of the most racially biased in the nation. 69% of the men on death row are African American.

100% of the murder victims of the men on death row are White. This is true even though African Americans persistantly constitute over 80% of the victims of homicide in the state of Maryland.

Faced with these facts, Democratic Governor Parris Glendening placed a moratorium on death sentences in the state, until the issues of racial bias could be analyzed and dealt with. A reasonable position, when faced with the possibility of executing innocent persons on your watch.

Robert Ehrlich and Michael Steele were much less reasonable. As soon as possible after being elected in 2002, Ehrlich and Steele removed the moratorium, reinstating the Racist Death Penalty in Maryland.

What upsets me, is that Mr. Steele has captured endorsements by people such as Russell Simmons who has said that part of his choice had to do with Steele's "progressive" views on criminal justice. What, may I ask, is progressive about bringing back the Racist Death Penalty? Not much.

Mr. Steele needs to make it clear how he feels about the Death Penalty in Maryland. Did he discuss with Ehrlich the ramifications of reinstatement? Did Mr. Steele even care? Does he care now?

Does Mike Steele support the Racist Death Penalty? Who knows...


Its Time for a National Minimum Wage Increase

Its not just me saying it, either.

The economists wrote that they share the view of a 1999 Council of Economic Advisors Economic report that found "the weight of the evidence suggests that modest increases in the minimum wage have had very little or no effect on employment."

The economists wrote, "While controversy about the precise employment effects of the minimum wage continues, research has shown that most of the beneficiaries are adults, most are female, and the vast majority are members of low-income working families."

Democrats will raise the minimum wage if they win the house.


The Children of Iraq

The Children of Iraq (WARNING: graphic violence within, it increases towards the end of the page)


MD-06: Andrew Duck on Top in Local Poll

Lets be honest about this poll first, its voluntary, so it probably is close to meaningless, but I still love it and I will explain why in a second.

Sunday October 8, 2006
What Do You Think?

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, www.herald-mail.com. Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will run in The Herald-Mail.

Last week's poll question was: If the election were held today, who would get your vote for U.S. House of Representatives, 6th District - Republican U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett or Democrat Andrew Duck?

As of Friday at 6 p.m., 540 voters (72.8 percent) said they would vote for Duck, while 202 voters (27.2 percent) said they would vote for Bartlett.

I still think Bartlett will have no problem taking this seat this year. Andrew is the better candidate, but MD-06 has gone a while without a viable challenge. I bet a lot of Democrats are sleeping. Maybe Duck can wake them up, but probably not in time for November 7th.

Still, voters are waking up, and 540 Democrats found enough time to go to this website and vote for their candidate in a poll. thats nearly double the amount of Bartlett supporters.

Mark my words, change is coming to Western Maryland.

Steele Hates Issues

So he decided to write a letter to go with his new media campaign. Surprise surprise, it has nothing to do with the issues.

Steele's letter is full of accusations about a small minority on the left playing race politics. I am sure some of the accusations hold water, but I seriously doubt Cardin is involved in any of them. Playing the race card is uncalled for, and any Democrat involved in doing so should think long an hard about whether they are doing their party and their state a great disservice.

Mr. Steele's complaints about being filmed are ridiculous. Welcome to the bigtime, buddy. It was a public campaign event, coverage is normal (and usually welcomed).

Most importantly, Steele avoids the issues. He is out of touch on the issues that Marylanders of all races and creeds care about. Until Mike Steele presents some sort of comprehensive policy agenda, he really has no legs to stand on. Cardin has 20 years + legislative experience. Mr. Steele needs to show voters why they should trust him to be a policymaker at the SENATORIAL LEVEL, and he hasn't done it yet.


Over 60% of Americans want Hastert to Resign his Leadership

So says survey USA. 43% want him to resign from congress.

Hastert should resign, moral objections of Americans aside, for the good of his party. If he doesn't, Republicans will have to deal with consequences in November.

On the local level, I still have gotten no response from Republican Congressman Bartlett regarding his opinion on the Foley/Hastert leadership meltdown.

Gilchrest writes on his website:

October 3, 2006...

...I am glad that Congressman Foley has resigned and that this matter now seems to be under the level of investigation that it warrants. Our top priority, whether a teacher, mentor, parent or Member of Congress should be to protect children. Anyone, no matter what their position of power or influence, should lose that position if it is shown that they break that trust or fail to act to protect a threatened child.

Not exactly a call for a resignation, but better than Bartlett's non-response.

In other news, the Yankees lost!