Over 60% of Americans want Hastert to Resign his Leadership

So says survey USA. 43% want him to resign from congress.

Hastert should resign, moral objections of Americans aside, for the good of his party. If he doesn't, Republicans will have to deal with consequences in November.

On the local level, I still have gotten no response from Republican Congressman Bartlett regarding his opinion on the Foley/Hastert leadership meltdown.

Gilchrest writes on his website:

October 3, 2006...

...I am glad that Congressman Foley has resigned and that this matter now seems to be under the level of investigation that it warrants. Our top priority, whether a teacher, mentor, parent or Member of Congress should be to protect children. Anyone, no matter what their position of power or influence, should lose that position if it is shown that they break that trust or fail to act to protect a threatened child.

Not exactly a call for a resignation, but better than Bartlett's non-response.

In other news, the Yankees lost!

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Stephanie Dray said...

I'm still having trouble seeing the text on your site--though if I highlight it I can make it out.

Gilchrest voted against torture, so while he may not be my favorite Congressman, he doesn't appear to be an unredeemable scumbag. I'm glad he made this statement.