Does Michael Steele support the Racist Death Penalty in Maryland?

In 2003, the University of Maryland released a study that found the death row in Maryland is one of the most racist in the nation. For example:

Maryland's death Row is one of the most racially biased in the nation. 69% of the men on death row are African American.

100% of the murder victims of the men on death row are White. This is true even though African Americans persistantly constitute over 80% of the victims of homicide in the state of Maryland.

Faced with these facts, Democratic Governor Parris Glendening placed a moratorium on death sentences in the state, until the issues of racial bias could be analyzed and dealt with. A reasonable position, when faced with the possibility of executing innocent persons on your watch.

Robert Ehrlich and Michael Steele were much less reasonable. As soon as possible after being elected in 2002, Ehrlich and Steele removed the moratorium, reinstating the Racist Death Penalty in Maryland.

What upsets me, is that Mr. Steele has captured endorsements by people such as Russell Simmons who has said that part of his choice had to do with Steele's "progressive" views on criminal justice. What, may I ask, is progressive about bringing back the Racist Death Penalty? Not much.

Mr. Steele needs to make it clear how he feels about the Death Penalty in Maryland. Did he discuss with Ehrlich the ramifications of reinstatement? Did Mr. Steele even care? Does he care now?

Does Mike Steele support the Racist Death Penalty? Who knows...

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Anonymous said...

I thought Steele was anti-death penalty because of his "pro-life" Catholicism and all. This would be huge hypocrisy.