Steele Hates Issues

So he decided to write a letter to go with his new media campaign. Surprise surprise, it has nothing to do with the issues.

Steele's letter is full of accusations about a small minority on the left playing race politics. I am sure some of the accusations hold water, but I seriously doubt Cardin is involved in any of them. Playing the race card is uncalled for, and any Democrat involved in doing so should think long an hard about whether they are doing their party and their state a great disservice.

Mr. Steele's complaints about being filmed are ridiculous. Welcome to the bigtime, buddy. It was a public campaign event, coverage is normal (and usually welcomed).

Most importantly, Steele avoids the issues. He is out of touch on the issues that Marylanders of all races and creeds care about. Until Mike Steele presents some sort of comprehensive policy agenda, he really has no legs to stand on. Cardin has 20 years + legislative experience. Mr. Steele needs to show voters why they should trust him to be a policymaker at the SENATORIAL LEVEL, and he hasn't done it yet.

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