Thomas F. Schaller Appreciation Post

One of Maryland's best resources, Thomas F. Schaller on why Democrats are wasting their time trying to win the white NASCAR vote.

His point is important, because if you trace all the reasons that the Democrats have been caving on important legislation lately, I am sure it boils down to not wanting to offend "the down-home, blue-collar, white male voter." What Schaller says is nothing new or groundbreaking, but its amazing how many Democrats still refuse to follow his advice.

I am kicking myself right now for not going to UMBC for undergrad, just to have Mr. Schaller as a professor.


Stephanie Dray said...

I loved that Salon article, but I didn't think it took the electoral college into account properly.

I think Al Gore might be a good example of what happens when we win 'minority' voters nationally and lose Nascar dads in key states.

Russel Kujan said...

A different view: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1007/6183.html.

Should Dems learn from the Republican not to write off a whole group of voters as Republicans have done with blacks for the last 40 years beginning with Nixon's "Southern Strategy"?

Andrew Kujan said...

Hi again Russ,

I tend to avoid reading the politico, as they have a nasty habit of perpetuating damaging right wing memes.

Check out this response on MyDD.com


Clearly the Democrats should not "write off" white males, but they should also not take positions contrary to their ideals in order to win a certain demographic that was not needed to win huge gains in 2006.

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