Andrew Duck (D), Iraq War Vet, Candidate for Congress in MD-06

Andrew Duck is running for congress in the district I grew up in. He has a large mountain to climb as he takes on incumbent Republican Roscoe Bartlett. Growing up in Carroll County, a large part of the 6th district, I can say flat out, the place I recall was extremely conservative. Even on trips to CACO (you like that? Montgomery County gets to do it, so do we!) these days the GOP presence is obvious. From the prominent GOP headquarters on Main Street to the Ehrlich and Bartlett signs that dot every other lawn in the suburbs, Mr. Duck has a lot of work to do.

Despite this fact, Duck seems to be a worthy candidate on paper. He is an Iraq war vet, a small part of a 20 year military record. His stances on the issues seem admirable and drawn from experience. But can Duck win in a district that supported Bartlett with 67% of the vote last run?
I really don't think that is question that should be being asked. Instead, the question should be whether Mr. Duck is a good thing for the struggling Democratic voters in the 6th district. I think that he is. Perhaps a Democrat will not beat Mr. Bartlett this year, but if Maryland Democrats give this race some notice, we can remind those CACO Democrats that they are not forgotten in their struggle for good governance.

Not to mention, who do you want voting on Iraq and other Security issues in congress?

Captain Andrew Duck (D), 20 year Army Veteran:

Or this guy:

I think the choice is clear. 'Give a buck to Mr. Duck.'

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