"Zogby interactive polling candy" Comes in for MD-Sen Race

And this candy as Jerome at mydd.com puts it, is pretty sweet (despite the fact that Mr. Zogby may be using some artifical sweeteners).

Mfume 49.9 %
Steele 39 %

Couple this generous poll against Steele with the most recent Survey USA poll that put Mfume ahead of Cardin by about 4 points, and things are looking better and better for Kweisi.

Where could this boost be coming from? My guess is that Mr. Mfume's new TV ads are working. More and more, his narrative of the Advocate (Mfume) vs the Administrator (Cardin)is resonating with voters, specifically in the Democratic stronghold of PG county.

Both Cardin and Mfume are favorable in the county, but Mfume seems to be seizing the momentum with his ads that stress his own rise from poverty and his promise to be an advocate for voters in MD who feel neglected by the traditional Maryland Machine Democrats (MMD). For example:

Jonn Mack, a firefighter from Upper Marlboro, believes that both leading Democrats in Maryland's race for U.S. Senate would ably represent his interests if elected but that only former NAACP president Kweisi Mfume has the dazzling charisma to bring about real change in Congress.

The other good news in the article, is that at least in PG county, voters aren't buying Mr. Steele's attempts to paint himself as a moderate.

Nash-Thomas said she didn't care which Democrat won nearly as much as she wanted to see one of them replace retiring Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes.

"We don't need someone who is going to be another yes-man rubber stamp for this administration," Nash-Thomas said of Steele.

Some voters already know that there is a Yes-man rubber stamp republican in the race. The narrative exists, Democrats just need to hammmer it home, and I am sure that they will. Now, all that remains is making sure Mfume gets the nomination. Why? Well, the poll numbers above are a good place to start. But more importantly:

Steele's campaign has garnered notice in Prince George's, and his strategy banks on gaining significant support in the county. In part, the voters interviewed believed, he could benefit if the Democrats pick Cardin tomorrow.

"I do worry about a backlash if Mr. Mfume is not the nominee," Boulware said. "We know Mr. Steele is ready for that. His line is going to be, 'Hey, black Democrats, the party has ignored you.' And that will play with a lot of constituencies within the county."

Maryland Democrats need a diverse and progressive ticket to combat the extreme right wing we are facing in November. I guess the marching orders will all depend on what happens tomorrow.

Oh yeah, VOTE!! you fools.

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