Republicans Attempt to Play the PC Game, Fail Miserably

The Conservative Media Machine is now trying to absolve house Republicans of guilt over Predatorgate using the LAMEST excuse ever, both in substance and execution.

Republicans refused to blow the whistle on a Pedophile (and yes, requesting a naked picture of a child, makes you a PEDOPHILE) because they thought they would offend gays!

They must be insane. First of all, this just illustrates the antiquated bigotry of Republicans towards homosexuals. See, Republicans still exist in 1950’s America where to them, gay = pedophile. Sadly, they haven’t joined the majority of Americans who can separate a person’s Sexual Orientation from their possible criminal intent. NEWSFLASH TO REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP: Being gay has nothing to do with being a pedophile.

This SAD attempt to hide behind Political Correctness is not only destined to fail (basically, Americans WILL NOT make the connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, not in the days of Queer Eye, George Takei, and Rock Hudson), but it is destined to offend the millions of people who find the relation of perfectly legal and accepted homosexuality to illegal, unacceptable pedophilia disgusting and unconvincing.

Not to mention, Republicans could care less about offending gay people. Give me a break, this is just insulting.

UPDATE: Even the folks at Redstate are off base on this issue, and I normally see them as the more level headed conservatives out there. Check out this comment on the open thread:

Rove plays the Foley Card by Tbone
So much for "Woodwards Words of Wisdom" and other news headline stuff. The Dims will spend the next two weeks running against part of their own base, gay pedophiles.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

(Emphasis in bold, mine)

Homophobes cannot make the sensible distinction made by the majority of people in the USA. They still can't understand the difference between a legal, consentual, most times monogamous love relationship which GLBTG people all over American engage in every day, and the relationship between Foley and his underage pages. Foley was involved in ILLEGAL, DISGUSTING, NONCONSENTUAL, NONMONOGAMOUS relationships with several pages.

Mr. Foley in no way represents members of the GLBTG community, and the continued Republican push to say otherwise is flat wrong.

Where is the gay community outrage at this Republican smear tactic? Where are the Democrats standing up for the law abiding homosexuals who are being defamed by Repubican Leadership and the noise machine? Hopefully they get their act together soon.

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