Advocates for Gay Marriage in Maryland Speak Out

Good for them.
At a press conference at the Maryland chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, representatives of the professional groups stressed there is extensive, consistent scientific evidence showing that children raised by lesbian and gay couples develop as well as children raised by heterosexual couples.

"The evidence is clear: No matter how you measure it, children raised by same-sex couples are no different from their peers raised by opposite-sex couples. In areas such as social development, psychological functioning, cognitive ability, and adjustment, there is no difference when comparing these kids," said Dr. Paul Clavelle, President of the Maryland Psychological Association.
I would be very proud if the Maryland Court of Appeals upheld the decision of Judge M. Brook Murdoch. Her reasoning makes a lot sense to me.
"After much study and serious reflection, this court holds that Maryland's statutory prohibition against same-sex marriage cannot withstand constitutional challenge," Murdock wrote in her decision.

"When tradition is the guise under which prejudice or animosity hides, it is not a legitimate state interest," the judgment said.

Update: Republic of T has an interesting take on same-sex marriage and the difficulties of state-by-state legalization.


Bruce Godfrey said...

Andy, hiya.

I think that M. Brooke Murdock is convinced that she is a "she", as was the Daily Record when it honored her as one of Maryland's "Top 100 Women."

Andrew Kujan said...

Haha, thanks Bruce.