I'll Meet You at Pelosi and Fayette

The party for the swearing in of Rep. Nancy Pelosi has spilled over into her home city. This is the only worthwhile information in the whole article/hit piece.
The four days of events culminating in the Jan. 4 swearing-in will begin two days earlier, when Pelosi travels to the Little Italy neighborhood in Baltimore, where she grew up as the mayor's daughter.

To emphasize the speaker's Italian-American roots, the current mayor, Maryland Gov.-elect Martin O'Malley will rename Albermarle Street as "Via Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi Street." The speaker-designate will then visit St. Leo the Great Roman Catholic Church and have dinner with her extended family at an Italian restaurant.

In other news, after reading my blog for several weeks, one of my relatives guessed that I would enjoy this as a Christmas gift:

I guess I must be doing something right, good guessing relatives!

UPDATE: This really has nothing to do with the post above, but if you have a chance, make sure you head over to Jousting for Justice where Stephanie Dray has written about her personal Christmas miracle. Blogging like that deserves to be widely consumed.


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