Think Equal.

Thats how I hope the Maryland Court of Appeals is thinking. New Jersey is currently dealing with their own Gay Marriage issues and an organization by the name of Blue Jersey has started a media campaign to press the issue:

Check out the Think Equal website.

Also, I really like the Blue Jersey website. I wonder if it would be possible to set up something similar for Maryland? I don't really have the knowhow or the time to run something like that (or whether Marylanders would take advantage of something like that) but its neat to think about. I certainly think a more concentrated liberal/democratic/progressive internet presence in Maryland would be a good thing.

Update: A critical look at the State's argument against Gay Marriage, via The Sun. Hat tip to David Lublin at Maryland Politics Watch.

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Matt Santoni said...

Hey Andy... Nice blog! Didn't know you'd started one, since I stopped hearing news of you thru your dad... Me, I took my chances with the dead-tree kinda news, but find myself always checking blogs for different takes or additional angles.

Drop me an email sometime, maybe we can hang out after work. If I don't hear from you, have a happy holiday season!