Congress CAN Bring the Troops Home

As Glenn Greenwald so eloquently points out. Republicans forced President Clinton to pull troops out of Somalia. Those same Republicans today are arguing that what they did in 1993 is now not allowed because it is being pursued by Democrats in 2007. Of course, as Greenwald also points out, they are lying through their teeth.

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Rfustero said...

Even though Congress may have the right to bring home the troops- it is not a wise idea.

Once the troops leave the violence will get worse, and I truly believe that we will see a large influx of Iraqi refugees.

Is this country ready for this? No!

The biggest disappointment with this whole experience, is the lackof support from our so-called Arab allies-Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the other smaller Arab countries that have a somewhat more liberal social and political system.

The best solution for Iraq is to divide it into three sections, leave some support troops in the Kurd territory, add some UN troops, and a mixture of Saudis and Kuwaitis.

If we allow the country to fall into a civil war, there will be the usual outcries from Europe , lamenting that someone has to stop the killings,(Rawanda, Darfur, Somalia. remember Biafra etc...)

No is ever happy with the results.

Our best bet for oil, is to develop the recently discovered oil finds in the Gulf of Mexico, and work on developing a clean way to get shale oil out of the ground. The combination of these two areas can provide enough oil for this country for the next 100 years that we can tell the Mideast oil cartels to go to Hell.

Let China deal with Mideast.