Happy New Year

Here's looking forward to a great 2007. I am swamped with work right now, so check out hoyerblog. Its nice to have someone local keeping tabs on our new Majority Leader.

In other news, I should be getting internet in my home very soon. This should lead to some better more frequent blogging.

UPDATE: Ugh, what a lie my last sentence turned out to be. Verizon is giving me difficulties, to say the least. If I am lucky, I may have internet access by January 15th.

And for anyone planning on starting an internet company, hell, any service where home visits are required, please remember that you are serving working men and women. Telling a 9-5 worker that, "a technician will show up any time between 8 AM and 5 PM on the weekday of your choice (and sorry, we can't call a half-hour in advance)" doesn't exactly cut it for most of us.

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