"I support the terrorists" - Congressman Don Young

hat tip to Atrios

Congressman Don Young never said that. I am sure he doesn't support "the terrorists." Sadly, he isn't too sure about you and me. But he is sure that if we do "support the terrorists" by having the balls to stand up against the escalation of the war in Iraq, we deserve to be hanged. Heck, Abraham Lincoln said so never said anything of the sort.

What strikes me about this story is that is, first, no one is covering it and Democrats are letting it slide. We could have our own little Catholic League moment and go ape with claims of "I'm offended!" (which I actually am, by the way). Instead, Rep. Young will get away with his call for the murder of millions of Americans and his destruction of historical truth.

What also strikes me is that while the mainstream media loves to posit that all blogs are unreliable drivel, distorting the truth, history, and whatever else they need to to make a point. While that surely goes on (on both the left and right), here's a guy in CONGRESS who misquoted LINCOLN in order to make the point that the majority of Americans (who oppose the surge) deserve to be KILLED. Wheres the media coverage of this gigantic flub? Nowhere to be found, yet.

Email Rep. Young and tell him how offended you are (even if your aren't) and that he needs to apologize in a press release immediately.

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Deirdre Helfferich said...

Ya gotta understand, here, our Congresstwit for All Alaska is only interested in hanging Democratic dissenters. In a press release from 1999, Young dissented on another war:


..."Every missile our armed forces launches is another million dollars that won’t be spent on Social Security. The president hasn’t explained his policy or the military’s role for the 21st Century. We have sent our troops to Bosnia to rebuild the country and political system, we have sent our troops to Iraq to punish Saddam, and we have sent our troops to be a referee in Kosovo, without any end game in sight. Where is the national security interest to the U.S?...The president has yet to identify the exit strategy for Kosovo, or for that matter the national importance of conducting air strikes in Kosovo."