Erasing the Stain of Overzealous Policing

This figure from the Sun today is frightening. Over 21,000 people were arrested in Maryland last year but were never charged. Let me clarify, over 20,000 innocent people were arrested last year in Maryland, assuming you believe that whole "innocent until proven guilty" hoopla.

The problem is, lots and lots of people DO NOT believe this basic tenet of American Justice, and when they see an arrest record on a job application, they wince, whether indictments were brought and time was served or not. So 20,000 innocent people are now at an employment disadvantage, in some cases, for doing nothing more that being in the wrong place at the wrong time (and possibly being the wrong color).

I hope this bill passes, and whether it does or not, it should serve as a lesson to Maryland's police that their "arrest now, ask questions later" strategy is a failed one.

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