The Sun Finds a New Bandwagon to Jump On

This happens to be the "Make Barack Obama less Attractive to Black Voters with Meaningless 'Research' " bandwagon. Let me just say, its one hell of an ugly and silly bandwagon.

The whole dust up is about new "research" showing Obama's relatives may have once owned slaves. This is the same research that the writer of which has attached this disclaimer to:
"The following material ... should not be considered either exhaustive or authoritative, but rather as a first draft."

Well, I am so glad it made it into a Sun, in that case.

The article itself spans two pages, overkill I would say for what is admittedly a rumor. White people once owned slaves in America. Anyone with any sort of white American blood faces the chance of their ancestors once being slave owners. Not the best conversation starter at a Hopkin's Frat Party, but still, a widely known and undisputed fact.

And what if it isn't a rumor? It still means nothing at all. The only thing it accomplishes is to make more voters, particularly Black voters in Maryland, call into question Senator Obama's "blackness." I find this tactic a little more than offensive, and all readers of the Sun should as well.

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David K. Kyle said...

I find it to be the same thing the Sun has been doing for years to Republicans so should it surprise you when they do it to someone else. Is it any different when last month they ran an article on his smoking habit which is something politicians try to hide from the voters? That article was supposedly about Obama giving up smoking, made reference to him quitting in the past, but falling back into the habit, thereby giving the people the impression that he has failed before he will fail again. Somehow I don’t think he is the Sun’s choice for President.