Baltimore Mayoral Race on the Web

Please check out my review of the websites of the Democratic candidates for Mayor of Baltimore City in 2007.


Nicole said...

First let me say that I was surprised to see that there is no website for Delegate Carter because there was one I'd visited at www.peopleforjillpcarter.com. But, you are also wrong that she has declared. It was posted on her website that she intends to announce her campaign in June. I plan to support her campaign for mayor, and I know she hasn't annouced because I attended a volunteer meeting a couple of weeks ago with about 75-80 people that was to begin preparation for her announcement which will be sometime this month (I don't know if it is ok to give the date yet). I remember people were complaining that they didn't like the format of the website, so maybe it's under construction. I will try to get to find out what's up with the website.

Andrew Kujan said...

Hi Nicole,

Delegate Carter's website seems to be broken, as it will not work in my browser at home or at work. The like sends me straight to a google search for the candidate.

I do like many of the stands that the Delegate has taken in the past, but thanks for the information, I will update accordingly.

OnBackground said...

She has filed the paperwork, so we'll see. With only three months until the primary, I hope she's moving quickly.

OnBackground said...