O'Malley at the DLC

More disappointment from Governor O'Malley. In case you forgot Governor, Harold Ford Jr. is a loser, both electorally and politically. There was a reason that every Democratic candidate skipped the DLC meeting this year. Its because American voters aren't stupid, and despite what your consultants tell you, people who are really politically active, people that vote in every primary and general election, realize that all your talk about ending partisanship is the biggest load of shit ever conceived.

I guess we could create a term for these people. Oh yeah, PARTISANS. You know, the ones who donate to you, volunteer for your campaigns, who VOTE for Democrats year after year. Welcome to politics gentlemen. Please leave the niceties for cocktail hour.

Seriously, where the hell would Martin O'Malley be without the "hyperpartisanship" he so quickly derides in his DLC speechifying? He wouldn't be anywhere. He is governor because partisan Democrats voted for him, in many cases I am sure, simply because of the party he represented, and the partisan views represented in that party.

In closing, the DLC is a joke. I am sure that if O'Malley ever makes a white house run, his good buddy Harold Ford Jr. and the Democratic Loser Commission will be the first on the list of severed ties.


howie said...

I am not a DLCer and have little use for the carping of the Lanny Davises of the world, those that make people believe that the current rancor started on the left.

Still, I find little to take exception with in O'Malley's introduction. Attending that irrelevant event seems like a waste of his time, but perhaps Ford is an old friend.

I'm not particularly bothered.

howie said...

Ok, he's written an Op-ed with Ford celebrating a move to the center.

Now I'm bothered.

Andrew Kujan said...

Yeah, the Op ed really put me over the edge.