Bloggers Union? Give me a break.

I agree with Oliver Willis. I guess I can understand the importance to paid bloggers who work for candidates, parties, organizations, or corporations, of having their needs taken care of.

However, for most of us, blogging is not something we are paid for or ever plan to be paid for. A small number of bloggers may make enough income from ads to blog full time, but in that case, who needs a union? In fact, I find the suggestion insulting to unions for REAL workers. Perhaps the blogosphere can worry about helping to start unions for real professions that need them. Salaried writers at educational development houses perhaps (heh), or any number of real jobs (yeah, I said it) that need union representation. Its insulting that labor unions would even consider adding bloggers, when so many other professions are lacking any adequate support. All I know, is that my recent emails to publishers and writer's unions have been ignored. Perhaps if I told them I was blogger, they would have written back.

Like Oliver said, a REALLY BAD IDEA.

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David K. Kyle said...

Sounds to me like someone is trying to make money as Union officials. Sometimes there is a real need for a Union in the Private sector, although I am absolutely opposed to them in the public sector as they are a siphon on taxpayer money.
As a former union member and a former elected UAW officer I would not want to see a bloggers Union. It would open the lid on so many wrongs I don’t know where to begin. Would dues have to be paid. Would you have to be a member before you can blog? What comes from my head is my property and I should not have to be forced to join any Union in order to present my thoughts to those that may be interested.
I was actually asked to leave a UAW meeting after those attending the meeting were told that I was running for office as a Republican. I know for a fact in the political sphere unions do all they can to silence those that believe contrary to the Unions position. Would that same mentality come to be found in a bloggers union? I can’t say but I would rather not even take that chance. By all means form collations and alliances to promote a set of ideas but to form a Union is just plain idiotic and could be very detrimental to independent thinking.