"Conservatives like seeing people make money. "

Yes, yes they do. I never claimed they didn't. I claimed that they only like seeing the already well off making more money. Griffiths doesn't dispute this fact, because he cannot.

Conservatives passed huge tax cuts which were intended to "trickle down" to all of us dirty poor people. The logic generally follows that corporations and rich individuals, because they have more money, will invest a portion of that into paying their workers better salaries. This is how, in the conservative economic plan, poor people "are able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps" or something colloquial like that.

Of course, it rarely happens that way.

In the case of the Stadium workers in question, Maryland gives HUGE tax breaks, loans, and subsidies to these stadiums, their owners, etc. The owners, players, most likely even the concession workers are paid relatively well. However, because the workers who clean the stadium are contract workers, they don't get the feel the success. The "trickle down" even if it does exist, has no chance of reaching these people, unless we assume the contracting company has a change of heart and decides to pass on a bit of the millions they made in lucrative deals to clean the massive M&T Bank stadium and Camden Yards.

I suppose in that case, Griffiths wouldn't mind the employees getting raises. But then, isn't the whole Reagan "trickle down" theory dependent upon corporations passing on their tax savings on to the workers and consumers? Or is it just a plan to bankrupt the federal government while giving a nifty little handout to the already rich.

Most State sanitation workers make much more than the $9/hr the stadium workers are begging for. I believe both sets of workers do difficult and necessary jobs, whereas Griffith's sees their work as similar in value to Taco Bell/KFC workers (who nationally make 7.65 last I checked). Now, if State sanitation workers make what Griffiths refers to as "artificially inflated salaries" (because these salaries are set by the government, that makes them "artificial" in Griffiths mind), why hasn't the stadium already, according to his economic laws, had to pay their workers increased salaries?

Clearly, if we pay the people who clean the stadiums in Maryland more money, it will create a trash-pick-up-workers crisis of epic proportions. Orioles tickets will cost $75 for nosebleeds, and Ravens tickets will require a deposit of your first born. People all over Maryland, will have to swim through piles of trash, as all sanitation workers will have to be fired. In fact, such an act could plunge the whole state into poverty. Griffiths really thinks this to be true:

Of course what Kujan fails to realize is that the artificial inflation by government of the salaries of the stadium workers creates an unequal environment for other businesses.

An unequal environment for who, other owners of professional sports stadiums in Maryland that need to have them cleaned by outsourced workers?

That means if government mandates the inflation of salaries by $3 an hour, those businesses either will hire less skilled workers or will need to inflate their wages by $3. And that price gets passed onto the consumer. That creates inflation. That diminishes purchasing power. And that means nothing really changes in the end other than creating more, not less, poverty.

Yes, an inflation crisis because people MIGHT have to pay more for Orioles/Ravens tickets. Its laugh out loud worthy.


Then again Kujan proves why liberals can't run government; a basic lack of understanding of economic environments:

Just look what years of liberal policy and has done to salaries in Maryland. Maryland liberals are so terrible at understanding economic environments that they created the best one in the whole country.

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