Mikulski and Cardin have lost their minds

Both voted for the Lieberman/Kyl "Lets get ready to go to war with Iran" Amendment.

As of today, these people certainly do not represent me. I encourage you to call both of these turncoats and tell them to try acting like DEMOCRATS for once.

Cardin, Benjamin L.- (202) 224-4524

Mikulski, Barbara A. - (202) 224-4654

DO NOT bother with the web form. Call them directly, and call them often. As Todd Beeton said in the link above, this is becoming a disturbing trend.


David K. Kyle said...

To top it all off the guy can’t even spell his last name correctly.

Russel Kujan said...

The White House's and Fox News' steady drum beat to start a war against Iran is very disturbing. Ever since the Sy Hersh's story in the New Yorker about the immiment war with Iran, I have paid attention to this story.

It bothers me that the Democrats are not paying attention to bills like this, especially a bill (or any) that is sponsored by Senator Lieberman.


After the 2006 mid-terms, the Democrats still are spineless when confronting the Republican fear tactics.

Like Sen. Cornyn's ridiculous anti-MoveOn amendment, why would Dems support this?

Non-sequitor #2:

Did you hear the NPR piece on the spike of Vietnam vets going to the VA for PTSD? Apparently, many Vietnam vets are suffering new and recurring PTSD cases that have been linked to the Iraq War http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14529768.

One Vietnam vet in the story said he felt betrayed by his superiors and civilian leaders, and he sees the same thind happening in this Iraq. We have heard this sentiment before about the Vietnam War, and from that perspective, as well as others, "Betrayus" makes sense.

Andrew Kujan said...

Hi Russ,

Yeah, the moveon.org condemnation is problematic as well, though not as much as this posturing towards Iran. If we think our little incursion into Iraq has been expensive, a ground war against Iran would be much, much worse.

Thanks again for your comments.