Oh Dear

How does the person who wrote this not delete it immediately out of embarrassment? Just when I thought it couldn't get any weirder, he takes Godwin's law to new level of ridiculousness.
Like the Nazis of 1930s Germany a small but vocal group of gays intimidate large law firms with bully tactics. Ex-gays describe the gay movement as a cult, that recruits, and then punishes anyone who tries to escape or resist them.

John Garza, the Rockville attorney for CRC, Family Leader Network and PFOX stated that he “knows who wins in the end,” that bully tactics, hate, intolerance of religious people, and spreading lies will keep the large law firm from future success. “Like Hitler and his thugs, the gay agenda will have its day and then, good will triumph over evil” Garza said.

Your modern Republican Party in action.


Bruce Godfrey said...

Pretty sad that the author of a blog called "Mongomery County Schools" cannot edit his posts at an 8th-grade level to correc their grammar and syntax. Re-read it - it's an embarrassment to his English teacher.

David K. Kyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David K. Kyle said...

I did not know about Godwin’s law so thanks I can already see it having more validity than “case law”. I am just glad Bruce does not correct my grammar which I know can be bad at times. The deleted post was mine to a correction in spelling as I did not want Bruce pointing it out.

Bruce Godfrey said...

"Mongomery" - like Bruce should talk.