Open Left: Some good Points About Net Neutrality

In an article on net neutrality over that Open Left, Matt Stoller makes a great point about why net neutrality provisions are necessary, and also notes a situation in which they would be less necessary.

After all, net neutrality is really just a regulatory solution to a lack of competition in broadband markets. If you introduce real competition, there's less of a problem with net neutrality anymore. Art Brodsky in his latest amazing column compared the choices you get in this country, which usually boils down to two providers at most, such as Verizon or Comcast, to the choices you get in a country like England that has a sane policy of 'open access' for its internet infrastructure.

Stoller then links to a guide on internet options from the UK. Its important to understand that the same companies fighting against net neutrality are also fighting against the increased competition they would receive as long as networks remain open.


Russ Kujan said...

I had a very revealing conversation with a staffer from Rep. Elijah Cummings office last year (2006) about net neutrality. The staffer told me that Verizon's office was in Rep. Cummings district so he would not side against Verizon on the issue; as a representative for the Rep I think she said too much.

Andrew Kujan said...

Hi Russ,

First, thanks for reading and commenting. Its a family affair here at Kujanblog.

That certainly is distressing to hear about Congressman Cummings, as I was looking at him as a possible candidate for Senate. Not so sure about that now, particularly when I see how much has gotten from Verizon and AT&T's PAC's.

He's be ok on the War and on FISA, but he did vote NO on the net neutrality bill.