Shorter Mike Steele

"How dare Governor O'Malley clean up the mess I played a significant part in creating."

More whining from the perennial loser. Steele gushes about the Ehrlich Administration's "successes" and falsely claims that they never raised taxes. Of course, Ehrlich/Steele raised taxes, fees, and tolls by nearly $3 billion. None of the foaming-at-the-mouth anti-tax republicans mention this fact.

Here's a prediction. If we ever have a Governor Steele, he will raise taxes too.


David K. Kyle said...

I personally think Ehrlich was a piss poor Governor even when I was a Republican. He had the perfect opportunity to slash the State Budget yet failed to do so. He of course had surrounded himself with people that blew smoke up his ass telling him what a great job he was doing.

Anonymous said...

O'Malley and his Dems on a leash pulled off a $1.4 Billion robbery, the largest tax increase in Maryland history. If voters remember this at election time, it should be enough to turn the Blue State Red.

Stick a fork in O'Malley; he's done.

David K. Kyle said...

But you said “if” Mr. A. I would hardly count O’Malley out for this reason even if the election were to be held tomorrow I don’t think this would be a killer for him. I look around and hardly see the citizens in an uproar about what just happened do you really think this ‘outrage” is going to remembered three years from now?

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