Russell got Duped by Steele

Apparently, Russell Simmons has been taking some flak for endorsing Michael Steele. He released this
statement on the matter.

Somehow, Steele has convinced Russell that he cares about poverty:
That night Steele announced, “I declare a new agenda for America; an anti-poverty agenda – an economic empowerment agenda that I will take with me to the United States Senate – because empowerment creates opportunity that poverty will never let you see. To tell you the truth, not enough people in either party are willing to even say the word ’poverty’ ….. much less do anything about it. To begin, unlike a lot of Republicans, I believe we need to raise the minimum wage.”

Great movements for change always require taking risks and acting outside the close-minded boxes of society. Building an effective anti-poverty movement will need many elected officials like Steele and many others from different constituencies from across the nation and throughout the world. Let’s stay focused. Don’t get distracted by party labels. Let us all work together and share responsibly in God’s love for all. Let’s end poverty and ignorance!

Oh puuuh-lease! I wonder if all the Conservative Republicans who will be voting for Steele are aware of his super-liberal plan to fight poverty? Most likely this is because either Mr. Steele wants to play boths sides of the isle (my bet) or he really has no plan to fight poverty at all.

Now, I will give Mr. Steele the benefit of the doubt. Lets say he really is interested in fighting poverty by increasing the minimum wage. How in the hell will Mr. Steele make any solid progress on this issue as a Republican? Is George Allen going to run to his aid to help the impoverished in America? Is Ted Stevens or Conrad Burns going to work hard with Mr. Steele to get a true minimum wage bill through the Senate? HELL NO, NEVER, EVER in a MILLION YEARS (unless it includes huge tax cuts for the rich as well).

Russell also has been duped by Mr. Steele's Bush bashing:

Steele’s criticism of President Bush and the war in Iraq further exemplifies that Steele is an independent thinker and leader who is not chained or bridled by the neoconservatives of the Republican Party.

This is worst. Are you crazy Russell? Have you not seen where Mr. Steele's money comes from? From fundraisers hosted by Karl Rove, by Dick Cheney, by GW BUSH. He just takes their money right, he doesn't actually SUPPORT THEM. How did Russell miss the "Bush is my Homeboy" line? How? HOW? HOW?!

I am only hoping that by trying to "outdemocrat" a Democrat, Mr. Steele will lose his base. Republicans are already unhappy and lacking enthusiasm. Hopefully, after hearing about Mr. Steele's election year love-fest for seemingly liberal politics, they will just stay home. Steele can fool as many Independent and Democratic as he wants, and he won't fool many (they aren't all millionaires getting republican created tax cuts like Mr. Simmons), but if Republicans don't come out in droves, he is finished.

Instead, I am thinking most voters will see beyond these lies and empty promises. Steele is a Republican, and hearing Republicans talk about raising the minimum wage during an election year is like hearing the Orioles management talk about taking the pennant this year, IT JUST AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN, NOT WITH THIS TEAM.

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