MD-Sen: New Poll Shows Mfume above Cardin

A mix of good news for Mr. Mfume today and yesterday. Mfume did well in the debate against his opponent Ben Cardin last night. If you want to hear the debate head

Mfume looked like he was ready for the big time. Mr. Cardin seemed like he was ready to fall asleep at some points.

Until a transcript comes out, I won't comment too much more on the debate, but expect an entry on Mr. Mfume's amazing comments about New Orleans and Poverty that show why he is the right person for Senate, he has a progressive vision that Mr. Cardin just does not have.

Ok, on the other good news, the most recent poll by SurveyUSA looks good for Mfume, and really does seem to follow the trends of the recent weeks:

Mfume 42%
Cardin 38%
Josh Rales 7%
undecided 13%

Much better than the Gonzales Research poll, which has been questioned by our friends over at Crablaw.

Either way, these two events could really give Mfume a big boost in the polls and help him pull this out in September. Some folks at KOS are saying there may be some Mfume ads coming soon. I hope they come soon enough to capitalize on this good press.

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