MD-Sen: Cardin, Steele pull ahead of Mfume

It appears that
Cardin's ad blitz has given him a considerable edge over Kweisi Mfume with the primary less than two weeks away.

This race is not over though, there is a debate tonight at 7 PM on Maryland Public television. MPT is showing several debates for different races, some at very inopportune times (AG on Saturday at 5 AM?!).

Mr. Mfume will have to make a strong showing tonight and Cardin will most likely have to make some sort of major gaffe to change the dynamic of the race at this point. Cardin is the safer choice, but Mfume still will get my support on the 12th, unless of course he pisses me off tonight. It should be interesting to see the two debate so close to crunch time.

Bust out the popping corn and sugary drinks, BEN CARDIN is going to debate public policy! WOOOOOOOOO!

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