A New Element to the Governor's Race Education Debate

The Wapo has a story today annoucing that O'Malley is proposing $200,000 bonus for principals who choose to work at the most troubled schools in the state.

This seems like a good start, and at least it is something solid for O'Malley to stand on. Poorly performing schools most likely need changes from the top down, and if we start hiring better principals, better teachers and resource management will follow.

I personally think that the Mayor should also call for larger bonus' for the heads of high school departments, such as Science and Math. These department heads often play a very large part in the hiring of teachers. A good department head will be able to hire better teachers, keep those teachers focused on their goals, and make sure that their department is meeting state and federal standards.

Contrast this with Ehrlich's method of privatization through charter schools, schools which pay no attention to state or federal education standards, and force public schools to compete for funding, and there are big differences.

Martin O'Malley believes in public schools, Bob Ehrlich believes in privatizing those public schools at the long term expense of children all over Maryland.

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