MD-06: Gen. Wesley Clark Endorses Andrew Duck

From the Frederick News-Post:

...Mr. Duck was endorsed Monday by retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who ran in 2003 in the presidential primary and is now heading up WesPAC: Securing America's Future, an organization dedicated to getting Democrats elected.

"As a combat veteran, and Army intelligence advisor, a native Marylander and a father, Andrew Duck has the principles and perspective to make positive changes in Washington," Mr. Clark said in a statement accompanying the endorsement. "He will work tirelessly to develop new and innovative plans (to) make our nation more secure and our government more accountable."

Thats a pretty big name to come out swinging for Mr. Duck. I almost wish I still lived in Carroll County so I could smile ear to ear while casting a vote for him on the 7th.

Throw some money Andrew's way.

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