New Polls for Governor, Senate

Recent polling done by Survey USA has some slightly sobering news for those of us watching the MD-Senate race. The poll shows:

Steele (R) 46
Carding (D) 46

Ehrlich (R) 43
O'Malley (D) 49

O'Malley continues to lead Ehrlich, no surprise there. Ehrlich lost his trump card, the ability of Mike Steele to peel Black votes from Democrats. This is a skill Steele still appears to have, as the SUSA poll shows him picking up 25% of the Black vote. This has been the Steele plan from the start, and if Democrats and particularly the Cardin campaign want to win, they need to stop this vote loss.

I won't get too upset until a few more polls can comfirm this Steele jump. Every other poll of this Senate race has Cardin up by at least 4. Heck, Gallup had Cardin up 15 in their last poll.

Hey Ben, perhaps its time to call up Kweisi?

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Stephanie Dray said...

I will be heartsick if either of them lose, and for different reasons. You might want to put donation links in for them.