Will the "Conservative" Democrats cave in the face of Republican Terrorism?

Once again the Republican terrorists have reared their ugly heads. When, oh when will our patriotic "conservative" Democrats see the light. They are so constricted by those damn liberals that they can't see the forest from the trees.

Another Republican has committed an act of terror.

This cannot go unanswered by our new "Conservative" Democrats. It is time to stop listening to the liberals who cautioned that we should not attack a "belief system" and instead focus on terrorism as "a law enforcement problem". The time for mincing words is over and the time to attack this Freedom hating ideology is now.

Republicans hate our freedom. They hate our troops. They want to dismantle our "Conservative" Democracy and set up a society based on their radical beliefs. They want to replace our national anthem and pledge of allegiance with prayers to their God. Republican's have infiltrated our congress and voted against our troops repeatedly. They voted against effective body armor and against increasing troop benefits. Republicans also terrorized our "Conservative" Democrats while they were in the minority to stop them from passing the recommendations of the 9-11 commission.

It is time to institute some necessary measures to combat the Republican Terrorists.

First, lets stop fooling ourselves. The majority of domestic terrorism in the past few years in America has come from Republicans, so IT ONLY MAKES SENSE to start targeting them at airports, traffic stops, and at the border. Of course, MOST REPUBLICANS are probably not terrorists (we think...) but who really knows. We need to protect AMERICANS first, REPUBLICANS later, so I think our choices are clear.

Next time, I will discuss possible ways of spotting a Republican. Its easy to mix them up with libertarians and Democrats from Connecticut, but i am sure our Law Enforcement is up to the task.

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