Show your Support for Howard Dean and the 50 State Strategy

Some rumors have been flying around that Howard Dean could face a challenge from James Carville and the DLC side of the party. This is a terrible thing to do to the man whose strategy led to numerous pickups for Democrats around the country a few days ago.

What can you do? You can contact members of the DNC from Maryland and DC and tell them to support Governor Dean. Their votes will be the ones that keep or remove Dean, and they need to know that he has Democratic grassroots support.

Thomas Buffenbarger
Alvaro Cifuentes
Maria Cordone
Hon. Elijah Cummings
John Gage
Janice Griffin
Hon. Sue Hecht
Weldon Latham
Hon. Isiah "Ike" Leggett
Belkis (Bel) Leong-Hong
Richard Michalski
Glenard Middleton
Hon. Thomas "Mike" Miller
Mary Jo Neville
R. Scott Pastrick
Hon. Gregory Pecoraro
Carol Pensky
Michael Steed
John Sweeney
Beatrice Tignor
Susan Turnbull
Those are many of the names of Maryland members of the DNC. Some should be easy to contact, others, not so much. Howard Dean needs our support. We cannot let the DLC wing of the party take control once more. 12 years of republican control have been enough, lets not let Carville and Harold Ford Jr. return Democrats to those days.

If anyone finds contact information for these folks, please list it in the comments.

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