Peter Franchot has Plans

Hat tip to onbackground over at Free State Politics for the heads up on this article about Comptroller-elect Peter Franchot.

Compared to Donald Schaeffer's career as comptroller, Franchot appears to be a breath of fresh air.

Here are a few snippets I enjoyed, though I encourage everyone to read the full article.
"I campaigned as someone who has vision and values," said Franchot, a former state delegate who defeated Maryland political legend William Donald Schaefer in the primary. "People are thirsty for vision. ... I am going to give them a cohesive vision of the state's economic future, and I believe people will listen to it."
The agency's staff is full of veterans, many of whom served both Schaefer and his predecessor, longtime Comptroller Louis Goldstein. Franchot said he hopes to make only minimal personnel changes in the agency and to use its existing resources to play a wider role in the state.

"I'm going to copy Goldstein and be independent. I'm going to be a fiscal watchdog like Schaefer, and I'm also going to be a progressive like Peter Franchot," he said.
Man, it just feels good to hear an elected official call themselves a progressive. We can also trust that Mr. Franchot won't use his office to embarrass the state.
Schaefer spokesman Michael Golden said the current comptroller certainly used the office to voice his opinions on topics far and wide. Some of the highlights from Board of Public Works meetings included rants against immigrants, who don't speak English, AIDS victims, the Minority Business Enterprise Program and North Koreans.

"I think that what the comptroller was known for over the last eight years was using the Board of Public Works as a bully pulpit," Golden said. "Maybe not on the same topics as the comptroller-elect wants to, but certainly the incumbent made his feelings known."
And of course, you know you have elected a the best man for the job when Bob Ehrlich has this to say about him:
Most strident was Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., a frequent target of Franchot's barbs over the years, who routinely derided Franchot as a fringe, far-left liberal.

"Nobody should vote for Peter Franchot," Ehrlich said at an election eve campaign rally. "No one in the entire state."
I like this Franchot guy more and more.


Stephanie said...

I've had great respect for Mr. Franchot ever since he started the Progressive Summits in Maryland, funding much of it out of his own pocket. It was a sorely needed pick-me-up at a time when Democrats were feeling particularly blue. And his passion and commitment to things that are important to me were quite obvious.

Bruce Godfrey said...

I have mixed feelings about Franchot. While I support many of his progressive instincts, I remain skeptical of his readiness, willingness and ability to do job #1.

On the other hand, I am so glad to be rid of the Don Schaefer's noxious mouth that I don't want to prejudge him either.

I suspect that you and I will have some enjoyable posting to do next month.