"What is it about working men and women that you find so offensive?"

Senator Ted Kennedy is a bit upset by Senate Republicans blocking the "clean" minimum wage bill. Republicans blocking this should really be ashamed of themselves.


Rfustero said...

What is really sad, is the proposed minimum wage still is not enough for most people to survive on.

It is one thing if a teenager is looking for part time work or someone wants to make a little extra money at a mom and pop business.

However, when you are a startting with a new family, or you dont want to go to college but would like to work in the retail busines-for instance the food industry , ir retail such as a department store(many of which are multimillion dollar business) $7.00 plus is not going to cut it.

When I worked for Giant in 1970, I started out at $5.50 and hour. When I retired I was making 21 dollars.
I was able to buy a car rent an apartment and go to college on 5.50.

30 years later Giant starting pay is 6.50 an hour and top pay is 15.

Trying buying a car and renting an apartment at 6.50/hour.

Andrew Kujan said...

I agree that the minimum wage raise is only part of the solution. It is a good start in the process of reversing the years of damage done to working people in this country.

Heck, I have a hard enough time renting in the city on $12 an hour.