Senator Cardin: Say it Ain't So

Today, Senator Ben Cardin had a chance to green light legislation that would prevent the troop surge in Iraq. Today, Senator Cardin failed to do what was necessary.

Ben Cardin chose to join with several other Democrats (and many Republicans) to kill Senator Dodd's "troop cap" amendment in committee. In doing so, Ben Cardin has stepped out of line with his constituents, we need to let him know immediately.

I was a vocal Mfume supporter in the Democratic Senate primary because I feared situations such as this. This is the exact sort of vote where we needed a progressive advocate. Its too bad we had timid Cardin. Senator Cardin's vote is even more painful after reading his remarks to president last night:
Tonight, the President failed to make a compelling argument for escalating troop levels in Iraq. We need a change in our policies both in Iraq and at home. I’m hopeful that the President will work constructively with Congress and hear the concerns of the American people so we can come together and move forward as a nation.
Sir, you had the chance to change that policy today, and you chose not to.

Now, perhaps Ben is reserving his support for a different proposal (there are many). However, his no vote on the Dodd amendment is disturbing, to say the least. I implore all who read this blog to contact Senator Cardin and tell him that he needs to get his act together and support legislation that has the teeth to stop this surge and ultimately to end this war in Iraq.

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