Death Penalty Repeal continued

Apparently, the Governor's remarks were similar to his op-ed in the WAPO, so there is no need to post them here. First, check out this article in the Sun.

A few things jumped out at me. The words of Harford County's top prosecutor were chilling to say the least.
Harford County's top prosecutor, Joseph I. Cassilly, said that not all lives are equal. Drug dealers and rapists, he said, are "not worth what someone's life is worth who's doing good."

"There is no justice without the death penalty," Cassilly said. "What coarsens and cheapens a life is when we allow a victim to be murdered, and society does nothing about it."
Thats right, the man charged with prosecuting lawbreakers in Howard county thinks that all lives are not equal (I wonder how he approaches repeat offenders, fairly I am sure). Thankfully though, much of the repeal opposition is slightly more reasoned and centered.

The main focus is now on the committee vote of Sen. Alex X. Mooney, a Fredrick Republican.

Near the end of an afternoon of testimony, Mooney said he has never supported an outright repeal of the death penalty but would consider an amended bill that limits the use of the punishment to the most heinous of cases. He also said he would consider voting for the repeal legislation in committee so that the measure could be debated by the full Senate.

"I am still taking it all in," he said. "It will take a couple of days to consider all that's been said. Both sides have made some good points."

Lets make sure he gets the point. E-mail Senator Mooney and tell him to at least get the repeal bill out of committee for debate on the floor.


Matt said...

A minor correction - Cassilly is Harford County's State's Attorney, not Howard's. This is one of Maryland's strong conservative bastions, home to State Sen. Nancy Jacobs when she's not staunchly repeating the same arguments for the death penalty on talk radio.

Andrew Kujan said...


Thanks for the catch.