As somewhat of an outsider, it is awesome to read blogs like African-American Political Opinion, Field Negro, and The Free Slave to name a few, and see the beginnings of what could become a new and powerful driving force in world of American politics. I am talking about the "blackosphere/afrosphere/Afrospear" (the third is my favorite).

I don't have too much of a comment, other than that I think this is a wonderful idea, and that I hope it will be part of a return to the power of grassroots organizing in the black political community, and a challenge to some of the more entrenched black organizations which appear to no longer work in the best interests of their people.

For example, recently in the Afrospear there has been significant anger at the Congressional Black Caucus, both for their support of the war supplemental (a criticism I do not share) and their agreement to work with FOX news for their debate (a criticism I definitely share). Check out this post by Field, and then read the comments.

Though I posted the link earlier, here is a very thorough post detailing conversations around the Afrospear about its creation.

Did I mention I was excited?


Villager said...

My first time visiting your blog. I saw you on the blogroll over on the field negro.

I have high hopes for the Afrosphere as well.

peace, Villager

Keith said...


I can definitely relate to your excitement, believe me. The Afrospear is a wonderful place, and I've been exposed to some eye-opening thoughts and views that I know I never would have encountered in any mainstream publication. For those of us who aren't satisfied having our information spoon-fed to us, this is the place to be.