Baltimore City to Outlaw Hustle and Bustle

At least it could, if the City Council gets their way on what might be one of the stupidest bills of the year, and I hope the Mayor calls these bills what they really are, political grandstanding by Keiffer Mitchell and others on the council.

Council President, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's proposal is so hilarious.
Rawlings-Blake's bill had the backing of 10 council members when it was introduced. It would prohibit noise in residential neighborhoods above 55 decibels -- about the volume of a normal conversation. It would allow the police commissioner to ''close'' an offending property for up to one year, after a public hearing.
Better keep your children quiet, or you could get evicted. Heck, will I get evicted for putting out my trash at night and inviting the bone-shaking trash truck with it's loud talking sanitation workers down the alley behind my apartment? Will I be able to call the police on the back-hoe that currently rips open 32'nd street every morning?

Perhaps Ms. Rawlings-Blake can reconsider allowing the Mercy Medical to get Heli-pad near my apartment, because chances are that will be very noisy.

Of course, none of this will happen, because this bill is really aimed at giving the city yet another way to outright steal your property and give it to big developers. With new laws passed in the Maryland Senate relating to imminent domain, the City is scared that they will no longer be able to seize property without impunity and compensation.

Keiffer Mitchell, for all the vitriol he gets here, has a slightly better idea.
Another bill is sponsored by City Councilman Keiffer Mitchell. It would add homicides, assaults, firearms convictions and other violent crimes to the public nuisance law, thus allowing the city to shut a property where the incidents took place, besides prosecuting the offender. Mitchell, who is running for mayor this year, said his bill is aimed at cutting gang violence.

''This gives the police and the prosecutor another tool,'' he said. ''This is intended to go after those property owners that aren't being good stewards.''

Now, this may be going overboard, but it makes more sense than the noise = eviction bill. Kieffer wants to remove criminally negligent homeowners. Rawlings Blake wants to outlaw NOISE in a METROPOLITAN CITY. Like I said, hilarious.


burgersub said...

andy you live near union memorial, not mercy. :p

Andrew Kujan said...

ooof, good point.