Take Back the Blog

Bruce Godfrey and a huge number of dedicated bloggers have organized a "take back the blog" blogswarm over at Crablaw. The volume and diversity of posts is freaking amazing. Check it out!


Bruce Godfrey said...

Thanks for the link, Andy!

imsmall said...


The profit-motive so has been
Of this land the undoing--
Since Reagan´s time, it was (the sin)
Believed no cause for ruing.

So universities exist
To make a profit, not
For learning, profit made the gist
Of all endeavor, thought.

So media too co-opted is,
Too medicine, in all
Reaches of culture, we find this,
So leading to a fall.

Even the jokers we installed
In government: these move
Mostly for profit-motives bald,
Not altruistic love.

So policy has utterly
Been by careerists shaped,
Intelligence reports, you see,
In rank corruption draped.

Cut off the head, but even will
The headless beast survive,
Writhing and wriggling, seeking still
To let profit-lust drive.

That´s how a culture as once shared
Perhaps a higher aim
Is brought down low, so, unrepaired
Has nothing left but shame.