Why don’t we honor our fallen servicemembers? -By Army Sgt. Jim Wilt

Via thinkprogress. Its not the specific content, but a simple statement of the obvious that makes this article so moving. Tragedies of the VT magnitude are daily occurrences in Iraq. What makes the article even more powerful is that Wilt does not use this point to make political hay. There are no calls to support any strategy or ideal, only a demand that Americans begin to mourn the losses of Iraq. While television screens still echo with the names and dreams of the 32 killed at VT, the continually mounting tragedies in Iraq are now tossed aside quickly, be it to make way for Anna Nicole coverage or to report on the latest car-bombing. When this horrible misadventure in Iraq finally ends, perhaps America will be able to start mourning the thousands we have lost. Sgt. Wilt is simply asking why these young people and their families must wait for a fitting tribute.

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