City Councilman Young Dares to Tell the Truth

We’re losing the war on drugs,” said Young, D-District 12. “When teenagers are getting gunned down on the street because of the drug business, then we have to rethink our approach.

(hat tip to commenter matt.)

Not since Kurt Schmoke has the city seen such honesty from it's politicians. Of course, the city is handcuffed by federal, and though most do not acknowledge it, international law through the UN and other trade agreements. There is no way the city could truly legalize drugs, however it is voices such as Young's and Schmoke's before him which will dissuade this country from our folly.

But can't we even discuss it like adults? Apparently not.

“Mayor Sheila Dixon is opposed to the decriminalization of drugs,” spokesman Anthony McCarthy said.

City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake also disagreed.

“She understands that the drug trade is 99 percent of the root cause of violence,” said Shaun Adamec, her spokesman. “But it’s an idea that needs to be addressed on a national level.”

Yeah, lets discuss the next crime plan that won't work at all. Mr Young, have you considered a Mayoral run?

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