Citywide Candidates, Where do you Stand on Decriminalization?

Sheila Dixon and Keiffer Mitchell have no comment. Taking a stand against the war on drugs is nothing new for Baltimore pols. Former Mayor and current Dean of Howard University, Kurt Schmoke had the courage to tell the truth and call a bad idea a bad idea, despite the political ramifications (which as I recall, were two successful terms as Mayor).

Update: This is bit old now, but Gregory Kane had a great editorial on Dixon's crime plan, and how it was absent even a mention of treating drug addiction or decriminalizing drugs and treating them as a public health crisis. Why?

Decriminalizing drugs and treating addiction as a health problem were notably absent from Dixon's list of proposals. I can't blame her. Suggesting bold, risky and innovative proposals is no way to get elected mayor.

Will any viable Democrat dare utter the "D" word? I share in Kane's doubts, but I value his normally conservative voice advocating a radical change in perspective.

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Matt said...

Bernard Young, District 12, took the leap and suggested the city hold hearings on decriminalization.