Jill Carter Rules

Why I support Jill Carter for Mayor of Baltimore.


Nicole said...

Thank you for the show of support for and information on Jill Carter for mayor. I am one of her greatest supporters. I support her because she is REAL. This woman walks the walk. She will do everything she says she will do, and she has very high standards and expectations for herself and for eveyone around her. I can say with no reservation that Baltimore could really be turned in the right direction if she were to win the election. I fear that voters in Baltimore are resigned to substandard, lazy, politicians, and they do not believe that there could really be someone out there as honest, sincere, and competent as Jill Carter. So, they will go and vote for the same sorry candidates that keep talking and never doing, or a few young ones might even be swayed by the empty rhetoric of the school administrator with the ego of Goliath. I urge everyone, PLEEEASE vote for Jill. It will be the best vote you will cast in your life. If you live in Baltimore, who you pick for the next mayor is more impotant than who becomes president.

Miss Welby said...

ciao! I like your liberal blog and would love to exchange links if you like mine :)

Anonymous said...

love you jill i am sorry i was not there . i wsas a way . love dianne