My brain just exploded

I guess that is what I get for trying to watch Hardball again. To discuss the necessity of new military draft Tweety had on two Iraq veterans, one who graduated the GOP school of being on message on talk shows, and another who, despite his good politics, is horrible on Television. The hawk was pretty much allowed to make this argument unhindered:

We need a military draft because the "elite" (never defined or elaborated upon, but in conservative circles, synonymous with Liberal) in this country don't want America to win in Iraq. If their kids had to fight in Iraq, we would get "good" equipment because these "elite" are somehow blocking untapped sources of military funding (with magical powers, I suppose) because they like watching poor people's children die. The draft would solve this problem by making the "elite" face the possibility of their own children dying (for nothing) and at this point they would certainly turn over to the military all the nice hum-vees, rifles, body armor, and cold hard cash they have been hiding from the "poor" soldiers in their "eliite" New England bunkers.

Forget the logical leaps and simply focus on the branding. The ELITE want America to lose in Iraq. Everything else isn't working, lets mahis is populist war. Both are complete shams. The Elite are running this war, but they aren't the ones Soldier 1 wants you to be angry with. Last time I checked GWB, Dick Cheney, and the folks and the State Department aren't heading down to the corner bar after work for a domestic beer and a cigarette. They are elite in every sense of the word.

Now, this soldier was not taking shots at the president, and the congress passes every supplemental that they see, so I don't see how he can talk about funding being withheld in any way. A draft would not increase the money going into the war, nor the soldiers on the ground, saving a change in strategy as well. All it would do is reduce the multiple tours many soldiers have been on Iraq.

To watch Tweety and Soldier 1 discuss the draft in such false and superficial terms, and to see the "left wing" voice on the show regurgitate the same lines about "George Bush's War" was painful. How about calling the GOP shill on his shit? I have a feeling this guy was chosen particularly for his timid demeanor. Aggressive liberals don't seem to last long on the talk TV circuit.


streiff said...

Thought I'd take a few moments out from my daily agenda of trashing Baltimore to sort of agree with you on this.

I didn't see the show, but the fact that Matthews and Olbermann are on the air seems to call into question your point on aggressive liberals not lasting long (and 60 Minutes has been on the air how long?).

To the meat of the issue. A draft is, IMHO, a bad idea from all stand points. I don't like it. I don't know of anyone who served around draftees and volunteers and thought a draft was a good idea.

As far as I can tell it is being flogged as a political action, not a military one and those in favor of a draft have never, to my knowledge, addressed the issues of exemptions (are we really talking about conscripting 4 million people each year?) and where these people will be housed and trained and who will do the training.

howie said...


So to you Tweety is an "aggressive liberal"? Not hardly. The guy admits he voted for Bush twice and while he worked for Dems, he grew up in a GOP household and his brother is a GOP pol.

He's also been known to drool over W in his flightsuit and the manly way Fred Thompson smells. EWWW!

And Alan Colmes just destroys Hannity every day, doesn't he?

That wasn't Andrew's point anyway. He was stating, quite correctly, that if you want to be a "liberal" guest on TV talk shows you generally have to allow yourself to get rolled by the conservative they put up against you (or be so inept in expressing the liberal point of view that you get rolled, same difference).

Fighting libs don't get called back for repeat guest performances.

On the draft issue, as one who just missed by a year having to file for the draft in the '70s, remembers my older brother's concern over HIS draft number, and who now has two sons, I don't want to see the draft come back for personal reasons.

If my sons want to serve, let them decide to. But if we MUST have a draft, I want the neo-cons' sons of privilege serving right beside mine.