How to Close the Budget Deficit without Raising the Sales Tax or Income Tax

A legalized recreational marijuana market would easily raise the 1.7 billion we need and then some. A plan similar to California's, medical pot available with a prescription, would probably raise enough to at least hold off on increasing the sales tax.

Instead, the State of Maryland will end up not only wasting billions locking up drug users (a full 18% of our public safety budget goes to incarcerating criminals, a large percentage of which have committed non-violent drug crimes), but also legalizing a much less profitable and much more detrimental vice, slot machine gambling.

If state lawmakers are willing to send slots to referendum, why not send medical marijuana to referendum as well? Perhaps they are too afraid of what might win, and what might lose at the ballot box?

Just watch this video from Drew Carey and then tell me I am crazy.


rtsind said...

In the first place, the majority of the drug users in jail are not there because of their medical need for drugs--if this were the case they would be free.

Most of those in jail are in for illegal use of drugs.

A person can get medical marijuana with ease if he makes his case properly.

The last thing we need are more drug addicts on the streets.
What will we put to referendum next-- prostitution, killing off extra illegal aliens, banning cars, and gas lawnmowers, giving illegal aliens the right tovote, citizenship and 2,000 dollars in month in benefits.

When does the craziness stop.

Andrew Kujan said...

I would ask you to first consider the logic of your arguments. Those in jail for "illegal use of drugs" (which of course, translates to possession of controlled substances, possibly with intent to sell) are still in jail for what was most likely a victimless crime.

Then again, we are talking about marijuana, a substance that doesn't normally lead to "drug addicts on the streets". It would most likely lead to a small increase in traffic violations, a slight decrease in alcohol consumption, and a huge increase in tax revenues.

By the way, I like your idea about legalizing the sex trade. Perhaps the craziness will stop when we accept our inherent vices and create sensible legislation to deal with them.

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